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Manufacturers are continuously axing vehicles with just two doors. The market is shifting towards more rational and practical vehicles, and the once famous two-door body style is becoming a thing of the past. Case in point is SEAT, which is no longer selling two-door versions of the Leon and Mii.

Another example is the recently launched third-generation Kia Ceed, which lost its sexy pro_cee’d hatchback/coupe in favor of the more practical, but equally cool, ProCeed shooting brake. Apparently, this won’t be an isolated case, as the South Korean manufacturer has no plans to offer cars with just two doors in the future.

Who needs two-doors when we can have five?

In a recent interview to CarAdvice, the company’s head designer in Europe, Gregory Guillaume, explained how he and his team were asked to stop drawing a new two-door ProCeed and think of another option.

“We were just about to start the new ProCeed, and the product guys said to us ‘the ProCeed is dead, we’re not doing another one.' And you can imagine the faces of the guys on the team… because the segment was just disappearing in Europe, three-door hatches were just not there anymore.”

2019 Kia Ceed GT Line
2019 Kia Ceed GT Line

Guillaume and the design department came up with the perfect idea for a replacement of the dying two-door hatch. “Just don’t give me a three-door anymore, because they’ll axe that immediately. Out of a moment of crisis we came up with an interesting answer.”

And that interesting answer is the vehicle in question, the shooting brake ProCeed that Kia presented to the world earlier this week in Paris. Don’t confuse it with the regular Ceed Sportswagon, despite the fact that the two have almost identical boot spaces. Production should kick off next month and you’ll be able to order it in Europe starting early next year.

Source: CarAdvice

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