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Debuting car concepts at an auto show is fairly common, but Citroën is making the bizarre decision to announce a pair of upcoming concepts at the Paris Motor Show. You'll need to be patient to see these vehicles because the French brand won't unveil the machines until 2019. They'll be part of the automaker's centenary celebration next year.

See what Citroën offers in the meantime:

Citroen Concept Teaser

Citroën remains tight-lipped about both concepts. The first will arrive in March at the Geneva Motor Show, and it'll express the company's "vision in terms of urban mobility." The teaser image (above) doesn't provide many more details, and it's not even clear whether the photo shows the interior or exterior. There's an interesting take on the classic door handle that replaces it with a blue strap to pull.

Citroen Concept Teaser

The other concept will debut in April at the Shanghai Motor Show, and the vehicle will "embody ultra-comfort." The teaser (above) is perhaps even more enigmatic than the other photo. We suspect this is the car's roof, and there are sensor-laden pods that would likely allow for autonomous motoring.

Citroën's centenary celebration will include a variety of other events. The company will have a big showing at the Retromobile show in February, and owners of classic models will meet in Normandy in July to show off their machines. Special edition models will arrive throughout the year, too.

Citroën is currently preparing for 2020 to launch a new sedan to replace the C5 and C6 models in Europe and China. It'll take styling cues from the svelte CXperience concept and ride on the PSW Group's EMP2 platform. The firm also promises to use its latest generation of suspension tech, too.

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Tue, 02/10/2018 - 13:30
This morning, for the press opening of the Paris Motor Show, Citroën revealed some of the highlights that the Brand is preparing for its centenary, which will be celebrated next year. Among them: the announcement of 2 concept cars… The first will be revealed next March at the Geneva Motor Show, and the second in April, at the Shanghai Motor Show. To keep everybody in suspense until then, Citroën has unveiled a ‘teasing’ photo for each concept…


On this first day of opening the Paris Motor Show to the press, Citroën has astonished in more ways than one on its stand! Firstly with how it expresses itself, a radical departure from traditional press conferences, since it was a real ‘live performance’ which journalists were able to attend, featuring a professional dancer musically interacting with the big screen located on the stage of the ‘La Maison Citroën’ stand… An original performance which will incidentally be replayed daily throughout the Motor Show for the general public!

But apart from the form, the Brand has also stood out with the substance, with the unexpected announcement of some of the highlights which will mark 2019, the year of the Brand’s centenary. This special anniversary will indeed be the opportunity for numerous events throughout the year with, among others, the Retromobile show in February, the launch of a dedicated special series, a gathering of historical collectors (‘The Gathering of the Century’ / ‘Le Rassemblement du Siècle’ from 19 to 21 July 2019 in Normandy), a number of digital activations and no fewer than two concept cars! The first of them, to be revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show (March), will give the Brand’s vision in terms of urban mobility, while the second, presented at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show (April), will embody ultra-comfort according to Citroën. And just this time, Citroën could not resist unveiling very ahead of time 2 ‘teasing’ photos of these future concept cars! To keep an eye on in 2019 then…


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