New engine will debut in the Mazda Demio in Japan soon - sold as the Mazda2 around the world.

Mazda has unveiled a new engine at the Automotive Engineering Exposition which took place at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center near Tokyo inJapan.

The new direct-injection 1.3 liter SKYACTIV-G unit comes with 84 PS/62 kW and 112 Nm of torque and features a remarkable consumption rating of just 3.3 liters/100 km (71.2 mpg US / 85.6 mpg UK). The gasoline power plant is naturally aspirated and achieves a remarkable compression ratio of 14.0:1.

SKYACTIV technology on the new power plant includes special piston cavities for more optimized combustion process and multi-hole injectors for more precise fuel mixture.

The new power plant will debut in the facelifted JDM Mazda Demio model in Japan this summer - sold as the Mazda2 around the world.

Mazda's SKYACTIV technology is a group of next-generation features for improved fuel-economy and performance that extend beyond engine tech and into transmission, body and chassis designs.

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