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There’s a new electric hypercar in the works. Sort-of anyway; it comes from an all-new Italian startup called Zava Hypercars and the car is called PrometheuS. For the record, that’s not a typo – the company keeps a capital S on the end of the name for reasons we don't understand, but that could be the least bizarre aspect of this truly bonkers concept. As of now it's just a 1:5 scale concept, and we're honestly not sure how we feel about it going beyond that.

In the short teaser video above, we’re shown glimpses of what looks like a very angular car that could be an F1 racer from the future. It looks low and lean, with plenty of black paint covering unidentifiable components that – dare we say it – covey an almost organic nature to this demonstrator. We mention that because, in its video description, Zava says the PrometheuS will use “A.I. neuronal control systems” in its design. Does that mean what we think it means?

The future is here:

Further on, the description mentions “new technologies that monitor the driver’s physical condition,” which also apparently has something to do with how the driver interacts with the car to make it an extension of the human body. We’ve heard other manufacturers make similar statements about performance cars, but they were always just metaphors. Somehow, it feels like Zava is actually trying to take this in a more literal direction. If you're a bit creeped out right now, sit back and take a moment before going further because it's about to get really weird.

Zava PrometheuS
Zava PrometheuS

Zava Hypercars has chosen to reveal PrometheuS to the world in just a few days at the Real Bodies Exhibition in Milan, and we aren’t talking about car bodies here. This show is all about human anatomy, because that’s exactly the venue to announce a new car. Or rather, a car that apparently is supposed to somehow bond with its driver. We seriously aren't making this up.

Perhaps it’s the strange shapes we’re seeing in the clip, or Zava's Kubrick-esque description of the human/vehicle interaction, or even the font used in the video, which incidentally looks exactly like the font used in the Battlestar Galactica reboot. In any case, we're freaked out. Is this car supposed to be some kind of automotive Cylon, ready to obey our commands until it decides to destroy humanity?

Honestly, it sounds like a lot like vaporware to us but one thing is for certain. We won’t be sleeping quite as peacefully tonight knowing someone is working on a car deemed worthy enough to debut at a freaking human anatomy expo. You can bet we'll be watching this one closely.

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