Despite ongoing rumors claiming the next iteration of the 911 GT3 will embrace forced induction, Porsche says its objective is to keep the track-focused model naturally aspirated for as long as possible. Based on what we can hear in this new spy video shot at the Monza circuit, you’ll be happy to hear the talented engineers from Zuffenhausen haven’t slapped on a turbocharger to cut emissions and extract more oomph.

Although it may look undisguised at a first glance, the car is still camouflaged at the front and rear to mask the new aero trickery Porsche is working on. Speaking of aerodynamics, it’s easy to notice the massive rear wing looks significantly different than the one fitted to the outgoing 991.2-gen model and appears to have beefier end plates.

We’re already familiar with the full-width LED strip at the back we will be seeing more of with the imminent arrival of the 992. Of course, the hardcore GT3 will not be introduced right away as at first Porsche will roll out the more down-to-earth derivatives before coming out with the big guns. We’re expecting the GT3 to arrive at some point in 2020.

According to the person who uploaded the video on YouTube, Porsche only covered five laps in two days with the 911 GT3 prototype and this footage was recorded during a private test day on the famous Italian circuit where the new-age 935 race car was also spotted recently. It’s still a work-in-progress vehicle without all the final bits and pieces, but at least now there seems to be proof it will retain the N/A engine. In this particular case, it sounds like it’s hooked up to a PDK, but the manual should live on as well.

Note: The prototype pictured below is different than the one shown in the spy video

Video: NM225 Car HD Videos / YouTube

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