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I think we can all agree that the 2020 Telluride made an unorthodox debut at the New York Fashion Week more than a couple of weeks ago. Inspired by the fashion designer Brandon Maxwell’s Texas roots, the show car that was revealed had a pretty unconventional look to go with its odd reveal. Well, after the fashion show, Kia decided to bring the prototype CUV back to its “hometown” – the Lone Star State of Texas.

In this walkaround video, Youtube’s TFLnow spotted the 2020 Telluride at the Texas State Fair, which isn’t really a surprise since the car was styled for Wild West anyway. What's a surprise was the Nissan GT-R at the start of the video, but I digress.

It’s apparent on the video that the Telluride that Kia’s showcased in the State Fair was no more than just a show car. A lot of things on (and in) it won't probably make it to production, such as the leather straps that lock the hood, the modified bumpers with tow hook, the hardcore side skirts, the leather-trimmed side mirrors, the spare tire worn as a backpack, the snorkel, and the customized wooden roof rack with accompanying ladder.

The accessories were all bonkers to see, but you could actually see a preview of the eight-seater CUV’s exterior underneath the Wild West getup. It has vertically-oriented headlamps matched with a compelling set of vertical taillights, along with a massive tiger-nose grille to complement the CUV’s size, which rides on the same platform as the Sorento, but bigger.

What’s polarizing, however, was the spelled-out Telluride right above the grille, reminiscent of Land Rover vehicles. Inside, the bespoke design continued with the wooden accents all over. The white leather seats and captain chairs looked good, which makes us wish that those make it into production.

Again, no mention of what’s under the hood yet, but we’ll make sure to be right on it once Kia has decided to spill some details.

Source: TFLnow via Youtube

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