The event takes places Saturday, September 29 on Long Island.

Burt Reynolds may no longer be with us, but his persona as The Bandit will likely endure as long as cars, gasoline, and Coors beer are still around. If you need proof of that, head to Westbury, New York on Saturday, September 29 to see the parade of 100 vintage Black Pontiac Trans Ams expected to be on hand to pay tribute to Reynolds.

The event is part of the Long Island Auto Expo at Eisenhower Park – a massive car show that’s billed as the largest in New York. 2,000 custom cars are expected to be on-hand for the show, but the black-and-gold second-generation Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is slated to be the star of the event. According to Broadwayworld, the organizers of the show had previously reached out to Reynolds about attending. Now, the show will honor the actor with a massive Trans Am parade that’s said to be the “largest Smokey and the Bandit tribute in the United States, with thousands of fans attending.”

Remembering Burt Reynolds:

We aren’t sure if the show’s PR team is aware of Bandit Run – a yearly Trans Am convention modeled after the infamous film that started back in 2007. Over 100 cars attended that first event, which appropriately enough followed the movie’s eastbound trail from Texarkana, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia. The event has grown through the years to include not just Trans Ams, but replicas of the original police cars in the iconic movie and even Snowman’s Kenworth truck, complete with the custom-painted trailer.

While that tribute is taking place, the last cars Reynolds owned will be up for auction at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas event, with a 1978 Trans Am Bandit recreation car among them. The sale was planned before his death, but with his untimely passing, all bets are off on just how cash much the cars might bring.

Reynolds died of cardiac arrest on September 6 at age 82.

Source:, Bandit Run

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