Very little from a 1969 Ford pickup is still on this truck.

Trophy trucks are inherently cool for their way to wild suspensions soak up bumps as the vehicles' high-horsepower engines propel drivers at high speeds through the desert. Chris Isenhouer's off-road rig is an interesting spin on the idea by using an old-school Ford F-100 pickup as the starting point.

Watch these race-prepped trucks engage in more off-road action:

Admittedly, there are very few Ford components left on this machine. According to a specification list online, this is a 1969 Ford F-100, but only the shape of the A-pillars and doors appear to come from the original truck. The engine now comes from General Motors and is a 6.7-liter stroked LS-based powerplant. The overhauled suspension has 24 inches (60.96 centimeters) of travel in front and 29 inches (73.66 cm) in the back. Thirty-nine-inch BF Goodrich tires mount onto 17-inch beadlock wheels. The body is a pumped-up take on the original design, including massive fenders to cover the bigger wheels. The bed is gone, too, because it wouldn't serve any purpose for racing.

In this video, driver Chris Isenhouer puts the machine through its paces in the desert. The flat path on dry dirt early in the video isn't an obstacle for the Ford, so the time comes to do some jumps. As the sun sets, the pickup launches high into the air for a perfect opportunity to show off the immense suspension travel.

If there's any downside to this video, it's the short, 1:50 runtime. Figuring in the opening and the ending, there's probably only a minute and a half of action on display here. Granted, the cinematography is fantastic, but we would love to see more.

Source: HeatWaveVisual via YouTube, McNeil Racing Inc.

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