There are hundreds of reasons why we love classic vehicles. They are beautiful, spirited cars, each with its own character. They are, most of the times, not that easy to maintain, but if you take a good care they will remain faithful for decades. And that’s probably the thing we love the most – old cars are built to last.

There’s no better proof of that statement than the video at the top. It comes from the ingenious Russian folks at Garage 54, who are doing crazy experiments with old vehicles, including using Coke Cola bottles as tires, sticking a car to a wall with construction foam, and using springs instead of rubber tires. This time around, however, they are simply trying to kill the engine of an old Lada.

Apparently, that’s not an easy job. Just draining the motor oil and replacing it with the cheapest sunflower seed oil on the market is not enough. Surprise, surprise – it actually runs perfectly fine without any knocking.

Next step? Connect the fuel pump to a bottle full of gasoline with added sugar. Still, nothing major happens, as the engine just keeps running quite happily. Interestingly, after more than 15 minutes, the only noticeable symptom is the knocking of valves due to the oil’s viscosity. Now that there’s already some amount of vegetable oil in the motor, just add more sugar, salt, eggs, and even citric acid. Your cake is ready and will be served with Coke Cola.

How to change the engine oil properly:

The result? Well, nothing special – the engine starts, runs, and revs perfectly fine aside from the weird smoke from the exhaust. Finally, it’s time to add some water into the carburetor trying to imitate a hydraulic lock. Will this finally kill the engine of the poor Lada? Check out in the video at the top and hear us when we tell you – you can’t just kill an old Lada, you need the knowledge of how to do it properly.

Source: Garage 54 on YouTube

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