Okay friends, prepare to get a bit angry. Also be advised: we’re calling this a Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) video because the man behind the camera lets loose with some F-bombs and other strong language. Given the absurd lack of basic motor vehicle skill from the woman trying to reverse this Ford Focus out of a basic parking spot – never mind her appalling lack of respect for the personal property of others – we wouldn’t be surprised if a few curse words escaped your lips while watching this seven-minute ordeal unfold.

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ViralHog has the clip, which took place on September 20 in New Jersey according to the video description. Specifically, the incident is said to have occurred at the Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, so cue all the jokes about this driver being mentally incompetent. Truth be told, we have absolutely no idea whether this lady was a patient, doctor, or just a crazy person who stopped to use the bathroom. For that fact, we also don’t know if she may have been drunk or under the influence of medication.

We do know, however, that she can’t seem to comprehend backing a small car out of a large parking spot. Not only that, at one point she keeps going even with the front of her car scraping along the side of that poor Toyota Camry. At least she had the decency to try and mend the damage she did before leaving the scene of the crime. Scratch that – it wasn’t decency. A bottle of water with a tissue doesn’t fix crumpled metal and a twisted hubcap. As far as we can tell, she was just trying to hide the evidence.

Focus Hits Parked Car
Focus Hits Parked Car

That brings us to the other frustrating part of this clip – the person behind the camera. Aside from shooting vertical video, why just sit there? Clearly, the Focus driver was having trouble. Especially after the second collision, walking over to simply make sure the driver was okay would’ve been a simple act, and at that point, she would’ve known someone had witnessed the crime. We understand some people are very non-confrontational, and ultimately that’s usually for the best so our frustration with the videographer is minimal. The last thing this world needs right now is vigilante justice, and the video clearly captures both the driver of the Focus and its license plate anyway. Given the way this video has gone viral, if she hasn’t already been nabbed by the authorities then someone will out her on social media.

Folks, let this be a lesson to you. We live in a world where cameras are everywhere. If you make a mistake, do the right thing. Because odds are very good that someone, somewhere, is watching.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube

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