Automotive enthusiasm bleeds beyond the garage. Video games, movies and TV, and toys offer ways to experience cars and car culture outside the driver's seat. McLaren is making it a bit easier to display your love of the British supercar maker with new 1:43- and 1:18-scale versions of its 600LT, which joins a growing garage of miniature TSM-Model  McLarens for the rest of us. 

Developed alongside the life-size model, the TSM-Model 600LT will initially come in the McLaren 600LT’s launch colors – Myan Orange or Chicane Effect grey – with an all-black interior. The details are exquisite on the model with TSM recreating the real car as accurately as possible. Alongside the two launch colors, TSM will offer an array of different liveries. 

The TSM 600LT is a far cry from its road-going sibling. The production model, based on the 570S, adds a host of performance upgrades. The 600LT cuts 211.6 pounds (95.98 kilograms) from the 570S, enabling a remarkable dry weight of just 2,749.2 lbs (1,247 kg). It makes 592 horsepower and 457 pound-feet (620 Newton-meters) of torque from its twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine. The 600LT stands out from the 570S thanks to an extended front splitter, longer rear diffuser, new side sills, and a fixed wing. 

This isn’t the first TSM McLaren model. The 600LT joins 75 other 1:43 scale models in TSM’s collection that includes a litany of other McLaren products that includes production and development cars. The McLaren 720S, Senna, and Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo are all available for pre-order. Several models are sold out with only three available to purchase right now. The 600LT isn’t listed yet.

The 1:43 scale version costs just $85 while the larger 1:18 scale model costs $240. Both are well below the $240,000 starting price of the actual 600LT. So, if you’re on a tight budget, these might be the perfect McLaren models for you. 

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Curate your own McLaren collection as new 600LT joins fastest family of scale models

As McLaren Automotive’s fastest, most powerful and focused Sports Series model to date hits the roads, a second version of the new 600LT is being readied to wow McLaren fans, of all ages. Box-fresh and affordable for all, this factory-approved 600LT is sporting perfection – in miniature.

Secretly developed in parallel with the 600PS, 204mph, mid-engined super-sportscar, the collectible 1:43 scale miniature from TSM-Model is available now to coincide with the launch of its big brother. As with the real thing, the resin model initially comes in the McLaren 600LT launch colors of Myan Orange or Chicane Effect grey, matched with an all-black interior.

The TSM McLaren 600LT joins a burgeoning family of McLaren miniatures that collectively chart the dramatic rise of the sportscar and supercar maker from Woking, Surrey, UK. With TSM’s range including many iconic cars – such as reproductions of renowned McLaren prototypes, some still wearing their camouflage, as well as specific motor show cars – the family of fast cars has become a popular choice for model-car collectors of all ages.

LT, or ‘Longtail’, designation is reserved for a McLaren that has particularly extreme performance and circuit ability but remains road-legal. The name first appeared with the legendary McLaren F1 GTR Longtail race car of 1997, a longer and more aerodynamic version of the 1995 McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans winner. It was this first LT that, in more recent times, inspired the McLaren 675LT Coupe and 675LT Spider, themselves both regarded as latter-day road-car legends.

Now the newest Longtail, the 600LT, takes its place in this hallowed company and the TSM miniature version of it is expected to be equally highly-prized by collectors.

While the full-size 600LT comes with a price tag starting at $240,000, the TSM 1:43 scale version costs just $85. For those with bigger budgets – and larger display cabinets – a 1:18 scale model is also available, at $240. In addition to the launch colors of the full-size 600LT, the model will be available from McLaren Automotive retailers or the TSM-Model website in an array of different liveries.

The TSM McLaren 600LT is finely crafted in resin and beautifully detailed, mirroring the life-size car as accurately as possible. It joins more than 75 1:43 scale models of McLarens in TSM’s collection, which includes production and development cars, road and race machines and representatives from the Sports, Super and Ultimate Series – all of which ensure that McLaren enthusiasts have the perfect opportunity to curate their own McLaren-themed collection, by series, model, variant or even by color.

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