Small roadster would be a two-seater and compete against the likes of the Mazda MX-5.

Kia continues its battle to move up in brand cache. Now, the news is that the Korean automaker is considering development of a new compact roadster to serve as a halo model for the marque.

A two-seat roadster is under consideration, according to Kia VP for sales in the U.S., Tom Loveless. It would compete against models such as the Mazda MX-5.

The new roadster would come to be created under the tutelage of Kia's head of design, Peter Schreyer, who was once a designer at Audi and has shaped Kia's new design paradigm. But the sketch presented during a press meeting at Kia North American headquaters (seen here) appears to be based on an old concept, the KCV III (pictured), which the automaker created back in 2003.

Kia isn't ready to announce any more details beyond the fact that such a model is under consideration. But it does make sense for the brand to go in that direction. The competition will be tough, no doubt, but there would be plenty of room in markets such as the United States for Kia to stake out a place in the compact roadster segment.

Kia developing a compact roadster to serve as halo model