They were filming a commercial and the BMW wasn't supposed to drift.

[UPDATE, September 25] Video has been removed from YouTube.

In the spirit of honesty, this crash leaves us with more questions than answers. One thing we know for certain is that Zwingfilms on YouTube said this collision took place while filming a car commercial. We’re also told nobody was seriously injured, and we’re fairly certain the E36 BMW M3 and A80 Toyota Supra featured in this clip aren’t going anywhere soon, if ever.

New Supra finally coming:

Aside from the obvious end-result, what actually happened here? We see the BMW enter frame from the left, making a right turn onto this street in an "unknown" location. The back of the car promptly steps out and sideswipes the Supra pretty much dead-on door-to-door. Looking close at the replay, the BMW still appears to be under power well after the drift started, but it’s possible the driver also didn’t expect to meet the blue Mazda3 mid-corner and overreacted. The BMW driver says he’s okay, but the way the Supra owner keeps scrolling on his phone after the crash like nothing happened leads us to think he was at least in a bit of shock.

Oh the humanity:

Oh, and apparently the BMW driver wasn’t the car’s owner. There’s a mention in the video of it being a customer’s car. Ouch.

Scrolling through the comments on the video we see Zwingfilms adds a bit more context. Apparently, the BMW was simply supposed to drive past the camera – no sideways antics were planned. Furthermore, Zwingfilms says in a video comment that the Supra driver “was on the phone as the spotter for the M3 and was a friend of the driver of the M3 but didn't need to be parked there… .” The comment also says the Supra driver was asked to move the car, and that the M3 “was not instructed to drift around the corner, it was unintentional that the tires broke loose.”

That’s all the backstory we have, but as you can see, there are so many questions and things that just don’t add up. What kind of commercial was this supposed to be? We assume it was meant to be a teaser for one of Zwingfilms’ builds or YouTube series as opposed to a Superbowl commercial, because the whole thing appears to be shot on a single steady cam operated by a guy on a skateboard. Also, if the BMW was simply supposed to drive past the camera without any dramatic action, why would a spotter car be needed? And why would anyone use a customer’s car for a video shoot requiring a freaking spotter car? 

We’re just glad nobody was seriously hurt. As for the motive behind all this, we’ll leave further speculation to the internet community.

Source: Zwingfilms via YouTube

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