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Have you ever been fascinated by old, art deco cars from the 1930s with long (like really long) hood, huge fender flares, and looks nothing like any car you would see on the road today? We know we do, and seeing this car up on eBay caught our attention.

If you’re one of us who’s been wanting to get their hands on one, well, this could be your lucky day. A custom-built art deco car popped up in eBay with interesting parts to boot – it’s powered by Corvette, has an Audi TT cabin, and a bunch of other parts from different cars.

Talk about reviving the classics:

This one-off is called the Corvette Bella Elan coupe, which is based on a 1998 Chevrolet Corvette but had a lot of body transformation that could rival the JDM mishmash superstar –  the Honda Civic “Skyline” – that caught a lot of attention weeks ago.

Here’s a quick rundown of its parts. It’s sort of based on the Corvette, but it now rides on a new box frame with X support. Its cabin is from an Audi TT Coupe, while the fenders are from a 1937 Chevy. The taillights, on the other hand, are from another 1959 Corvette. After 6,000 hours (250 days) of work, MJC Classic Cars turned the American sports car into a French classic in Gold Metallic finish.

Under the hood, a 5.7-liter LS1 V8 engine resides. Output figures aren’t disclosed in the eBay listing but the first version of the LS1 produced 345 horsepower, so it’s probably close to that.

Corvette Bella Elan Coupe from eBay
Corvette Bella Elan Coupe from eBay

What’s interesting, though, is the integration of the Audi TT Coupe for its cabin. With the help of teak wood accents and a vintage-looking three-spoke steering wheel, the German interior somehow matches the classic exterior vibe. With that, modern conveniences are present in the custom-built art deco car, which includes power windows, locks, and seats, as well as air-conditioning, cruise control, and 1DIN head unit with CD player.

The Corvette Bella Elan coupe is up for auction on eBay until Tuesday, September 25, 2018, with a starting bid of $27,500 as of this writing. If this tickles your French deco car fantasy, place your bids now as the seller warns that the car is up for sale locally (in Florida) and might be pulled out once sold.

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