Created by German graduate student Stefanie Behringer, the Audi-inspired Trimaran is the luxury hybrid of our dreams.

German graduate student Stefanie Behringer has created this stunning Audi-inspired Trimaran.

Styled under the supervision of Audi's design studio in Munich, the luxury yacht features a streamlined appearance with two outriggers that each hold an electrically-powered jet ski. Furthermore, the top deck can accommodate up to twelve people, while there are four bedrooms below for longer voyages.

While the boat is just a concept, Behringer envisions the Trimaran would be powered by two TDI engines that each produce 500 PS (368 kW / 493 hp). However, at low speeds, the jet skis would provide motivation to conserve fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to this setup, the yacht would have a top speed of 8 knots in EV mode and 40 knots with the engines activated.

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