Mercedes-Benz creates a slick-production mini action film with a bank robbery/art theft plot to showcase the C-Class Coupe.

Here's a free mini action movie from Mercedes-Benz TV.

The 10-minute movie is meant to showcase the new C-Class Coupe and does so by means of a pretty predictable bank-robbery/art theft plot with very little real action.

You'd think Mercedes-Benz has the money to hire better actors than this or one of the thousands of starving screen writers in Hollywood who could have written a livelier script. But we guess all the euros went into creating that slick production to make the host of model/actresses on display here look really good.

The only problem is that will all those pretty faces around you really don't notice the car at all.

We have to say that the Audi A1 web action series starrring Justin Timberlake from last year was just slightly a little less lame. But the quality standards for web films...well, they're no Fast Five.