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Having fun with four wheels doesn’t mean spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest supercar. Many of us discovered our love of automobiles through toys, video games, go-karts, or a combination of the three. I still make time to drive go-karts because they're cheap and wildly fun. So no, you don’t need a swoll garage of exotics to enjoy four wheels and an engine. Just look at these mini hot rods from a company called Hot Rod Budapest. It’s a company that lets you drive these miniature hot rods on the streets of Budapest, which seems oddly dangerous, but I bet that’s half the fun.

Go-kart news you didn't know you needed:

The mini hot rods look sharp with a narrow front end, exposed front suspension, and upright chrome grille. The rear cascades down to a tiny license plate surrounded by brake and reverse lights. They’re downright adorable and street-legal thanks to headlights. A little windscreen completes the charming look. Power comes from a 170-cubic-centimeter lawnmower engine. Inside, there’s a fairly typical driver’s seat, and behind the steering wheel are a few control buttons such as one for starting the engine. Top speed is 55 miles per hour (90 kilometers per hour). 

These mini hot rods do more than offer car enthusiasts a fun escape driving through Budapest. They offer tours, too, and seeing the city from the open-top hot rod has to be splendid. The company that operates the hot rods offers nighttime tours, also, which could be undoubtedly glorious. It’s a near-perfect combination of touristy fun and automotive tomfoolery. 

So, the next time you're in Budapest and want to do something a little different that also satisfies your automotive itch, look for Hot Rod Budapest. It’s a different way to see the city, and that’s cool in its own right. 

Source: Mr JWW via YouTube

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