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Not only did spy photographers manage to get a glimpse of two new Ford Super Duty pickups out and about, one of them was nabbed in a construction zone no less – arguably the natural habitat for Ford’s heavy-duty truck. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the facelifted Ford testing on the street, but the camouflage seems a bit thinner up front this time, giving us a slightly better look at the components behind it.

And what’s the first thing we see? It appears Ford is trying to dish back a little trickery to Ram with a false Ram-shaped badge behind the camo covering. Maybe we’re looking a bit too closely, but that oval-shaped spot where Ford emblem should be certainly has a curious look about it. Ram did something similar to Ford when its 2019 1500 pickup was still under wraps. We didn’t fall for Ram’s ruse back then, and we aren’t falling for Ford’s ruse now.

2020 Ford Super Duty spy photo
2020 Ford Super Duty spy photo

That holds especially true when we can actually see parts of the massive grille and its very distinctive F-Series design. Never mind the side mirrors and telltale notch in the front window trim, both of which are nearly as identifiable to Ford as its own Blue Oval badge. It’s also noteworthy that we’re looking at a couple different trim levels here, with the dually being at least an F-350 if not something larger. The single-rear-wheel truck could well be an F-250, but we’re definitely getting a look at different grilles that will likely be offered for higher and lower trim levels.

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There will be changes behind the grille as well. Sources tell us that the long-lived 6.8-liter V10 engine will give away to a new 7.0-liter V8, and the new 10-speed automatic will be an available gearbox option as well. Expect the back of the truck to resemble the recent changes made on the 2018 F-150, with the front getting new headlights along with the aforementioned grille treatment.

As of now, our estimate of a 2019 debut for the 2020 model year is still believed to be accurate.

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