Watch at your own risk if pseudo YouTube supercar celebrities annoy you.

Dive into the world of supercar channels on YouTube, and you’d think every millennial with a smartphone and access to a garage full of supercars is flexing. Countless YouTubers cycle through exotic automobiles like us common folk cycle through TV stations looking for something to watch. Sometimes, these personalities are annoying in a showboating way. Others create compelling and exciting content. This video, from TheStradman YouTube channel, falls in the middle. It is interesting to watch; however, it’s also annoying. Talk about traversing the middle ground here. 

Watch other supercars doing cool things:

The video is about letting a 17-year-old friend of the channel Matt Spector, a fellow YouTuber, take an obnoxiously yellow Bugatti Chiron to the state DMV to complete his driver’s test. What’s compelling is watching a kid using a million-dollar supercar for his driver’s test. What’s annoying is the car itself because the kid has to abide by all the traffic laws to pass the test. Using the Bugatti is all about shock and awe. There’s no drag race, track-day action, or an in-depth look at the car’s cool and interesting features. The Chiron is used for attention for attention's sake. And that’s fine, TheStradman YouTube channel can post any content it wants, but it feels cheap. 

While the kid does pass his test, the video is a bit of a letdown. There’s no shocking response from the driving instructor who’s just doing her job testing people’s driving skills. The kid can’t do anything thrilling on the road, or he’d risk failing his test. What we get is a woman doing her job sitting in the passenger seat of a Bugatti Chiron that’s abiding by the traffic laws. That’s not compelling content. 

But you can judge for yourself. The video above is long with the driver’s test portion taking up but a fraction of the full video – it starts at around the six-minute mark and concludes three minutes later. 

Source: TheStradman via YouTube

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