In an entincing co-branded promo, Slovenian exhaust manufacturer Akrapovic has teamed up with BMW in a new movie called "The Chase".

To promote Akrapovic's exhaust systems while BMW gets to showcase two of their most iconic machines, The Chase features BMW S 1000 RR superbike rider Rico Penzkofer and M3 driver Nico Bastian going head-to-head on the racetrack in some fast action sequences.

Just like an action thriller movie where you predict the ending in just the first few minutes, the outcome is no stretch of the imagination. However, we won't spoil it for you.

Despite this, Akrapovic asserts, "the race itself is for real. The two men fighting for bragging rights are a motorcycle racer and racing driver, not actors. The action on the track, the tension and the end result are all genuine."

The M3 and RR start from opposite ends of the racetrack, each racer vying to be the first to pass his opponent.

Regardless of the outcome, the sounds of exhausts and a dynamic filming style make it a worthy viewing.

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