It’s an A-Class hatch turned to 11.

Mercedes is going all-out for the reveal of the AMG A35 hot hatch, set to debut before making its official appearance at the Paris Motor Show early next month. It’s dropping spicy teasers that are slowly revealing bits of the car in typical online fashion – agonizingly slow and in search of that sweet, sweet SEO. The German automaker’s plan appears spoiled. Low-res images of the AMG A35 leaked online, giving us a clear look at the new German hot hatch and the cheapest AMG offering yet.

The AMG A35 takes your standard A-Class hatch and adds several go-fast bits, taking the family hatchback and moving it into hot-hatch territory. While we get to see the A35 in all its glory, there aren’t many surprises. Teasers have given us a decent look at the vehicle, including the massive wing, aggressive lower fascia, and revised rear bumper. 


However, we do get our first peek inside. Mercedes’ massive dual-screen, combined infotainment and instrument gauge display is present, sitting above the flat-bottomed steering wheel and circular HVAC vents. Below the vents are the HVAC controls. We can spot paddle shifters hiding behind the steering wheel, too.  

While we don’t know powertrain details just yet, AMG boss Tobias Moers has said in the past the turbocharged 2.0-liter will make around 300 horsepower. In the A250, the mill produces 221 horsepower, allowing the hatch to reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 6.2 seconds. The AMG A35 should be quicker. The gearbox should be the same seven-speed, dual-clutch in the lesser A-Class models, but it’ll likely receive a host of tweaks to improve performance and response. 

This is our best look yet at the A35, and it looks both sporty and functional. The aggressive front end and front bumper canards give the hatchback a menacing appearance. The rear, with its dual-exhaust and slick wing complete the hot-hatch look. We shouldn’t have to wait too long before Mercedes pulls the wraps off the A35 and gives us all the juicy details. 

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