Fans of the Fast & the Furious franchise show off their automotive goods in the parking lot outside a theatre premiering the film.

This video was shot by photographer Steven Pham outside a midnight showing of the new Fast Five film in Detroit.

Some of the fans of the film franchise themselves have cars that belong in the movie - or, at least, they would think so. And they do their best to impress the crowd in the parking lot outside the theatre. 

As Pham told Carscoop of what took place:

"Everything that went on in the parking lot outside of the theater before and after the movie was hysterical. Cars revving it up, dozens of people doing burnouts and donuts and to the one guy that was playing the Tokyo Drift soundtrack with his subs. It was like a short film in between all of the Fast and the Furious movie series, except without girls walking around and dancing in bikinis."