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I remember my first time at the Indianapolis 500 — a hot, humid May afternoon thick with the chance of thunderstorms. Four-time IndyCar World Champion Scott Dixon likely remembers it, too. It was the 2017 race, and lap 53 saw Dixon’s car go airborne and land on top of the inside SAFER barrier, tearing the rear of the car apart. It’s a brutal crash to watch, yet Dixon walked away unharmed. While Dixon gives an interview about the experience, we miss the behind-the-scenes emotions. A new documentary, Born Racer, gives us that peek behind the scenes.

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The movie, set to debut Oct. 2, does more than chronicle Dixon’s wins and racing career. This is an in-depth look at him, the Chip Ganassi team, his family, and the emotions that drive them all — and what makes Dixon and other racers suit up to drive over 200 miles per hour. It’s a dangerous sport, and they’re aware of the danger, yet, they do it over and over again all in the pursuit of winning and being the best. 

The trailer gives us a peek at what we’ll see, including the 2017 Indy 500 crash. Born Racer looks like an intimate documentary that digs more in-depth than the race-day antics fans often see. Race day is about winning, but when the checkered flag flies, it’s about family – with the team, the loved ones, and other races. 

Motorsports are about more than just the race, though, or the spectacular crashes. Yes, we have pre- and post-race analysis, but that tells us what to expect and what we saw while making predictions about the next race. It’s easy to distill data from the passion behind the drivers and their teams. Often, once the car is on the trailer heading to the next track, we miss the emotions — the triumphs and heartache that happens when the cameras are off.

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