Everyone wants to race the Dodge Demon – we’ve seen plenty of videos showing everything from European supercars to Japanese living legends racing one of the ruthless production cars ever made. But how about a German family sedan?

Well, we are not talking about a regular family vehicle, but about the new BMW M5. In fact, in this video, the Demon is facing the even more powerful M5 Competition. Simply put, two of the hottest vehicles on the market meet for a long-awaited battle.

Dodge Demon against the world:

It’s important to note that this drag race is a bit different to the classic quarter-mile runs we know. The folks over at Throttle House are trying to simulate a classic street race (don’t do that at home!), which means the conditions are quite different from a drag strip, where the traction is much higher.

Given that, it’s not a surprise the M5 Competition has significant advantages in the race. Its super advanced all-wheel drive allows it to better channel the power from the 4.4-liter V8 to the road, while the Demon has difficulties with that task. The result is natural – two out of two from a standing start for the sedan.

BMW M5 against the world:

Next is a rolling-start run, where power is much more important than traction. That’s where the Demon shows what it’s truly capable of, annihilating the M5 Competition with its smaller and less powerful V8.

As a final duel between the two cars, they are put against each other to lap a track. That doesn’t really make a lot of sense, because the Demon is designed and built especially with drag races in mind. Still, for the protocol, the M5 Competition is more than five seconds faster. Whoa, what a surprise, right? But can you turn the tires of the new AWD M5 into smoke the way the Demon can? Nope. Period.

Source: Throttle House on YouTube

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