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More news/speculation on a possible BMW Z2 from German car magazine Auto Bild.

According to Auto Bild, a BMW Z2 roadster may be headed for a 2014 debut, although, nothing has been decided for certain inside BMW. Auto Bild offers the following details.

The Z2 is not being designed simply as a baby Z4 and will be created of its own DNA. And the Z4 may have to be punched up in terms of output offerings in order to make room for the Z2 below it.

The Z2 will likely make a lot of BMW's 2.0 liter power plant in turbo configurations. That would entail variants called the 16i, 20i and 28i, with outputs between 163 PS (120 kW / 160 bhp) and 272 PS (200 kW / 268 bhp). Though, we believe by 2014 those lower output levels will be covered by BMW Group's 1.6 liter turbo unit.

Prices would start at around the €33,000 mark.

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