According to reports out of Italy, a Jeep-based SUV will follow the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA in the United States.

It's no secret that the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA is headed to the United States, but a new report is indicating the coupe will be followed by an SUV.

According to newspapers out of Italy, the Jeep-based vehicle is seen as critical to the brand's success in North America. While nothing is official, La Repubblica says the SUV will be built at the Mirafiori factory which seems a little strange considering the Grand Cherokee-based Maserati SUV will be made in Detroit.

In related news, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne apparently confirmed that styling problems have pushed back the launch of the Giulia. Speaking at a press event, he told reporters "Americans don't (or won't) like the Giulia's styling, but we're working on it." He added that the car's launch hinges on how fast and how successful the styling tweaks are.

Note: 2003 Alfa Romeo Kamal concept pictured

Alfa Romeo SUV to follow 4C GTA in U.S. - report