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Doug DeMuro, automotive YouTube and owner of the eclectic, has a new car in the garage – a 2005 Ford GT. He bought it last weekend from Karl Brauer, who posted a video of the transaction on his own YouTube channel, which we covered earlier today. DeMuro fell in love with the GT a few in 2016 when he drove one for the first time. Now that he has ownership – and wrote the hefty six-figure check, DeMuro has uploaded a video to his YouTube channel reviewing the new addition like he would any other car he’s covered on his channel. 

DeMuro buys his 2005 Ford GT:

DeMuro’s is adamant about how hard of a decision it was to buy the GT. It’s one of the most expensive things he’s ever bought, and, unlike other YouTubers, he doesn’t have the cash flow to buy an endless number of exotics every month. But the GT he purchased is unique – it has a lot of miles, and it was on the low end of the GT’s market value. He wanted a high-mile example because the GT is notorious for holding its value. Also, he wanted to drive it, so buying a high-mile example on the lower end of the price range means he likely won’t lose a lot of money when he sells it if he loses any at all. 

The video shows the GT’s oddities, such as the silver side latches that open the front trunk and fuel duel, which is located on the passenger front quarter panel. Inside, the GT sports wiper and turn signal stalks from a Focus, and the window buttons and key fob are distinctly typical Ford products. He then opens the clamshell engine covering nothing how the rear bumper stays in place, which is due to federal regulations prohibiting rear taillights from being on a part of the car that moves – look at the Chevy Bolt’s additional taillights on the lower bumper. 

Ford's super car from old to new:

DeMuro then takes his GT on for cruise, talking about how it easy to drive considering its a high-horsepower machine – his supercharged 5.4-liter V8 is modified. The GT lacks stability and traction control making it a hairy car to drive at speed, which is something DuMuro won’t do anytime soon. It’s nice to see someone like DeMuro, who works hard on his YouTube channel, buy a car he’s dreamed of owning. He may not have countless exotics stuffed in a climate-controlled garage, but that doesn’t make his GT or the cool content he’ll make around it any less exciting. 

Source: Doug DeMuro via YouTube

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