Although available in just few European markets, the A4 has already 33,000 orders

Although the new Audi A4 sedan is available in just a few European markets, it has been reported that it has generated successful sales so far. At the time of market launch in the first European countries the A4 had already generated 33,000 customer orders. That figures exceeded the initial expectations, even though it is the most-sold model of Audi.

The Audi A4 has been available in Audi dealerships for just a few days now – in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. In January 2008 the car will be available in France and Spain, and thereafter for the remaining European countries. It is interesting to note that in the United Kingdom, Audi’s strongest export market in terms of sales, the A4 will start selling at the end of February 2008.

Even as a brand new model, it has already won major awards such as “Golden Steering Wheel” as best midsize car by Bild am Sonntag newspaper, and also received the Auto Trophy 2007 from Auto Zeitung magazine. In the individual test carried out by Auto Motor und Sport, it achieved the top five-star rating.

Successful Start for the New Audi A4