VW Spain gave a joke to the fans for Spain’s Fool's Day

Is it April 1? No, December 28, but in Spain today is the "día de los Inocentes", which is the same Fool's Day. So Volkswagen in Spain decided to make some fun and created an advertisement for the "new Touareg Cabrio", as if it were truly a new model coming. There, you're given three links: Acabados (trim levels), Motores (engines), and Galería (gallery). Then you realize it is a joke, and have an option to forward it to a friend.

On second thought, it is not completely insane to make a joke from the Touareg especially when sister company Audi presented the Cross Cabriolet quattro study in Los Angeles motor show in November. One could think that it is part of real PR trick to feel the public reactions. In Europe, those SUV niches don’t have much future, but in USA they could grab a large consumer group. Few years ago it was impossible to think about an SUV coupe, and now you have one with the BMW X6 confirming it’s time for real surprises in near future.

VW Touareg Cabrio?