There’s a certain degree of joy in seeing old cars with a modern twist inside, just like the classic 911s fitted with colored-display head units from three years back. It’s like seeing your gramps in a pair of Yeezys. Kind of polarizing, unless he could pull it off, but that’s a different story.

Jaguar  Land Rover lets you do just that in their cars, but it’s more than just a makeover akin to your fashionable grandpa. The British marque now allows its customers retro-fit modern infotainment systems into classic Jaguars and Land Rovers. And it’s not just a colored-display head unit; the new infotainment systems are classic-looking, in high resolution, and have a variety of modern functions that are more appropriate to the “needs” of today.

Classic pieces with modern touch:

Available for purchase at the company’s classic parts website, the new single-DIN, 3.5-inch touchscreen infotainment systems are compatible with most classic Jaguars and Land Rovers with negative earth electronics. Okay, if you’re not familiar with negative earth, it basically means that the negative terminal of the battery is connected to the vehicle’s chassis.

Going back to the infotainment system, it has smartphone pairing feature, which you could accomplish via Bluetooth. It can support up to four devices and 1,250 phonebook contacts could be transferred. To supplement that, an internal microphone will also be installed to allow hands-free calls. It also has navigation feature, with 2D and 3D maps, turn arrow instructions, and traffic alerts.

The new infotainment systems come in four versions, with a choice of black or chrome faceplate for Jaguar vehicles, while Land Rover owners may choose between black or silver brushed aluminum finishes. The system is available in these languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.

If you’re interested in pimping up your classic Jaguar and Land Rover rides, the Classic Infotainment System can be had for £1,200 (around $1,550). You may opt to let Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works to integrate the upgrade into your car or through authorized Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships.

Source: Jaguar Land Rover

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·       New range of Classic Infotainment Systems provides modern audio, navigation and infotainment functionality for most classic cars, with discreet and harmonious styling

·       Compatible with negative earth vehicles, Classic Infotainment System range is available in five designs including two Jaguar and two Land Rover branded units

·       Touchscreen Classic Infotainment System features include DAB, FM, AM radio, customisable satellite navigation and Bluetooth

·       Premium sound quality from single DIN head unit with built-in 4 x 45-watt output

·       For details about the Classic Infotainment System range, which is on display at Goodwood Revival Meeting this weekend, visit 

(Ryton-on-Dunsmore, UK – 7 September 2018) Jaguar Land Rover Classic has introduced a new infotainment system to its growing range of genuine parts and accessories, bringing modern functionality to classic vehicles in an authentic-looking, classically-styled, head unit.  

Designed to suit most classic vehicles running on negative earth electrics, single DIN-sized Classic Infotainment System units incorporate customisable satellite navigation in up to 32 languages, smartphone integration, Bluetooth connectivity and dual DAB/DAB+ digital radio, as well as FM and AM analog reception.

Additionally, four distinct branded versions of the Classic Infotainment System will be offered specifically for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, with a choice of black or chrome faceplate finishes to suit Jaguars, and a choice of black or silver brushed aluminum for Land Rovers.

Controlled by a 3.5-inch high-resolution touchscreen integrated between traditional rotary controls and buttons, the navigation system’s Europe-wide route guidance can be displayed as 2D or 3D maps, or as turn arrow instructions, and includes TMC traffic alerts.

Other key features of the Classic Infotainment System include:

  • Telephone functionality, including phonebook transfer via Bluetooth, supports up to four devices, with 1250 contacts per device
  • Internal microphone
  • System languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
  • Up to 32 languages available for navigation function

All versions of the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Infotainment System are available to purchase from 7 September 2018 at, priced from £1,200 (including VAT). A fitting service is offered at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Warwickshire as well as select Authorised Jaguar and Land Rover Retailers.

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