German tuner finishes this DBS inside and out in a deep black with red highlights while dialing output up on the V12 by almost 50 HP.

This is the Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition by Anderson Germany.

The German tuner applies a deep-black matte paint finish to this DBS while adding carbon mirrors, tinted windows and window frames in a matte black which also coats much of the other exterior components.

For the engine tuning, Anderson dials up wattage on the V12 from 517 PS (380 kW / 510 bhp) to 565 PS (416 kW / 557 bhp) by means of an ECU remap, catalyst replacement pipes and special manifolds. The DBS also drops 21 kg in curb weight and gets an electronically-controlled vent damper on the black exhaust pipe.

Wheels are the 21-inch glossy black rims with 255 tires at the front and 295 at the back - contrasting sharply with the red brake calipers.

On the inside is the same pattern - a black carbon leather and black Alcantara finish contrasted with red diamond stitching.

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