Race on Sunday, farm on Monday.

The annual Rennsport Reunion takes place each year, bringing together Porsche vehicles from nearly every decade and all regions of the world. Known as one of the premier Porsche gatherings on the annual calendar, Rennsport remains among the most passionate assemblies for ultra-enthusiasts of the brand.

On this year's event schedule for the first time is a race designed to be slower than the regularly scheduled Porsche programming, yet promises to offer a laugh or two. For 2018, the folks at Rennsport organized what is assumed to be the first-ever Porsche tractor race, featuring a traditional Le Mans-style start and several 60-plus year old tractors.

Porsche produced over 125,000 of the tractors between 1956 and 1963, creating the world standard for farm equipment. That fact is exemplified by the high number of the tractors still in use on farms around the world today.

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The tractors came in single and multiple cylinder engine formats, though each model is good for less than twenty horsepower, regardless of its cylinder count. Every ounce of power is needed to push the tractors through the race, which culminates at turn five of Laguna Seca, estimated to take fifteen minutes in total. Race organizers determined that the famed corkscrew and several other Laguna Seca turns would prove too difficult for the farm equipment to handle, so they decided on the short course instead.

Two tractor races will take place over the course of the event weekend, so make sure to add some time between other races and plentiful car displays to witness the Porsche tractor showdown. The first race will kick off at 1:15 on Saturday, September 29th, and the second race goes live at 1:40 on Sunday, September 30th. 

Source: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

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Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI brings together all type of models for the Porsche family reunion September 27-30. But one group in particular will be considerably slower and larger than their German-engineered counterparts—Porsche tractors. In what is believed to be the first-ever official Porsche Tractor race, these one-, two-, three- and four-cylinder open-cockpit machines will fire up and race for bragging rights.

While the sight of these behemoths charging down WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca’s vaulted straight into the Andretti Hairpin, and hopefully not venturing into their more accustomed off-road environment, will be entertaining, so too will be the celebrities and legendary drivers who will be behind the wheel.

The first challenge for the drivers will be to run across the track in a classic Le Mans start, climb aboard their tractor and figure out how to start it, engage it in gear and roar off. The race begins at the Start line and will be checkered at Turn 5, an expected 15 minutes later. Given the pedigree of these fine machines, race organizers decided it would be best to conclude the race at Turn 5 rather than attempting a pit stop and then on to the notorious Corkscrew.

According to one driver, who wished to remain anonymous, the race may look like all fun and games, but don’t be fooled. “We are race car drivers, so there is always going to be that competitive spirit to win, whether it’s behind the wheel of a 1,000 horsepower Porsche 917/30 or a Porsche tractor pumping out an impressive 14 horsepower. We’ll see who is laughing when I cross the finish line first and go down in the annals of Porsche history as the first-ever tractor race winner!”

Two Porsche tractor races will be held during the weekend. Race one starts at 1:15 on Saturday, Sept. 29 and the second race takes the green flag at 1:40 on Sunday, Sept. 30. The tractor races will complement the full array of on-track activities of racing, 10,000 horsepower exhibitions, parade laps and more.

Porsche tractors were built between 1956 and 1963, with more than 125,000 produced. Many are still being used today across farmlands worldwide.

To enter a Porsche tractor in the race, please send the year, make and model, and a photo to Ardelle@Laguna-Seca.com for consideration. If accepted the $550 entry fee includes paddock space, two tickets, VIP entrant parking pass, exclusive entrant gift, and plenty of smiles and laughs.

Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI brings together an extraordinary gathering of significant Porsche race cars, as well as those who have designed, engineered, and driven them to victory in the world’s most famous sports car races. Hosted by Porsche Cars North America, the four-day program of on-track competition will be complemented by a Concours d’Elegance, Chopard Heritage Display of significant race cars and activities for entire families.

Full ticket packages are available online at www.WeatherTechRaceway.com or by calling the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca ticket office at 831-242-8200.