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There are few things more enticing to a car enthusiasts than a winding mountain road. Okay, maybe a deserted tunnel would get the heart racing, but those are for those seeking auditory pleasure. A smooth road with tight turns and whimsical straightaways is unmatched in fun outside of a race track. Often, these roads are littered with other cars, making any attempt at spirited driving dangerous. You could get a little quick between turns, but there’s no hitting the apex or crossing the center line. However, not everyone has to operate under the rule of law. The Supercar Owners Circle was able to close a section of a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps that allowed attending supercars, hypercars, and other exotic performance cars to operate without the need to follow a speed limit.

Supercars doing supercar things

The 20-minute video is a wonderland of supercars with what feels like every make and model in attendance. There’s the Ferrari LaFerrari, F12TDF, 599 GTO, and F50. Porsche has several 911s, a 918 Spyder, and Carrera GT present. You have rare breeds such as the Maserati MC12, McLaren P1, Apollo IE, and the SLR Stirling Moss. Oh, and there’s a bright orange Lexus LFA, too, which pops up frequently in the video. 

Even with few restrictions, owners kept their expensive machines tamed. It didn’t appear any driver was driving at full tilt as people were lining the road, armed with smartphones, attempting to capture Grade-A social media content in hopes of achieving viral fame. Then again, the supercar owners are guests, and getting a road closed is no easy feat. The last thing the Supercar Owners Circle would want is to spoil a welcome for next year by sending a million-dollar supercar down a mountainside and into a crowd of children. That’s just bad PR. Luckily, everyone in attendance behaved. 

It’s one thing to see a – singular – supercar in the wild. It’s another to see a parade of some of the rarest and most expensive cars of the modern era. Gatherings like these are perfect for non-supercar owners to marvel at the craftsmanship and engineering behind these high-powered machines. 

Source: Supercars of Austria

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