Teaser video shows sketch artist at work at new concept study which will preview the upcoming S90 flagship sedan.

Volvo has issued this teaser video of a new design study, called the Concept Universe, which the automaker says will be launched shortly.

Details on the design study are just not there but we can speculate that this upcoming Volvo concept will preview where the Swedish brand is going with its future S90 flagship sedan.

We've already seen the SC90 design study more than 2 years ago and this may just be Volvo picking up where it left off but with revisions in line with its new strategy.

That new strategy involves being more of a volume brand and less of a competitor to the likes of premium marques like Audi or BMW.

But that still means a flagship sedan that Volvo Car's current owner, Chinese automaker Geely, can sell or revise for the China market with engines worthy of a large flagship sedan. That could involve engines ranging from a five-cylinder to an eight-pot for the new full-sized sedan.