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The Senna is the latest addition to the McLaren Ultimate Series, but unlike the 720S that it’s heavily based on, it’s on a limited production run with up to 500 units only to be produced. With that, it can be heavily-customized to the owner’s specifications through McLaren Special Operations. How modified, you ask? Well, they will do what you ask, down to the last decal.

What is McLaren up to with the Senna these days?

Just like this Senna in this video by SeenThruGlass on Youtube. It’s owned by someone named Philip (or Phil) and he’s added things on his supercar that are quite practical.

For instance, the carbon fiber trims on the car run through the door outline (and not the whole door panels), which accentuates the car’s Oak Green Metallic body color. It’s not as extensive as the $500K carbon fiber option on the first North American Senna. We mean, that car looks rad, but this one right here is a bit more normal. It’s as if a Senna won’t turn heads by itself, but a little subtlety heightens up its appeal.

Another practical thing added is the magnetized strap by the door. As the owner explained, it’s used when tracking the car. When you’re strapped onto the seat and you stopped for the pit, it’s hard to reach for the doors, unless you’ll have someone close it for you. That’s where the strap will come in handy. Also, it’s for his dad, too, who, according to the owner, have a hard time reaching for the doors. Quite nifty, if you ask us.

Other cool thing found in this bespoke Senna is the Kiwi named “Bruce,” which is quite endearing to look at. It lightens up the supercar; makes you forget that it can produce 789 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. Bruce can also be found on this car’s key fob.

Source: SeenThruGlass via Youtube

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