When luxe found its way inside the pony car.

It’s undeniable that the Mustang in itself is an eye-catcher. It’s a movie star, a favored muscle car, a legendary vehicle ever since Ford birthed its first pony in the ‘60s. In short, it’s an eye-catcher and everyone knows what it is just by seeing its long hood and iconic emblem.

But if there’s any way you could upgrade its looks, we think it would be on the inside. It’s not that its cabin needs some; it, after all, is a driver’s car that you would really want to get on the road instead of lusting after its interior amenities.

Life begins after rolling out of the showrooms:

However, wouldn’t you want to have a nicely put cabin in such a way that everything that your elbow touches feels really nice? I know I would, and I’m betting most of you would, too.

That’s why this project by Neidfaktor is such a gem. Dubbed as “The Orange Black Beauty Project,” the car custom shop pimped up the interior of a Ford Mustang and turned it into something you’ll usually find in Italian supercars.

As its name suggests, the whole interior has a black color theme with orange accents to match its orange exterior, but that’s not all. To complement the standard leather seats, The Orange Black Beauty ‘Stang is given Alcantara upgrades in the front cabin – and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The Alcantara coverings are found on the center armrest, as well as on the handbrake lever and shift bag. The glove compartment and the areas under the steering are also wrapped in Alcantara. Every Alcantara parts are accentuated with contrasting orange stitches to heighten up the appeal. The orange accents can also be found outlining the air-conditioning vents and the stitches on the perforated-leather-wrap of the steering wheel.

The project doesn’t come cheap, though. In the case that you have the means to ship your car to Germany (and back) to pimp your pony car, Neidfaktor estimated the project to cost up to $7,554 (6,500 euros).

Source: Neidfaktor

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