Even this crappy video makes the Devel Sixty look formidable.

The Devel Sixty is a fascinating vehicle to look at. Then again, you don’t look – you marvel. It looks like a tank on wheels, ready to bust down the door of Thanos on a quiet Thursday morning. It seems otherworldly – almost cartoonish – until you hear the turbochargers spin up and see clouds of black smoke pouring from its exhaust stacks.  It's like Hell has come to Earth. 

In this video, you see it racing a Bentley Flying Spur – and crushing it off the line. While it doesn’t appear either car is accelerating at maximum velocity, it is an excellent example of how formidable the Devel Sixty is on the road. It’s nauseating how large it is compared to the otherwise portly Flying Spur – large and luxurious. 

The Devel is in the details

The Devel Sixty uses a mammoth 6.75-liter V8 turbodiesel, which produces an insane amount of power – 720 horsepower and 1,000 Newton-meters (738 pound-feet) of torque. We don’t know if this is the base model or the range-topping version, which comes with 1,500 hp. Both are ridiculous. It sports massive, 40-inch tires and has a starting price of $450,000 – that isn’t cheap. Options include a full carbon fiber body, which could be costly. The body will save some weight; however, the Devel Sixty will never be able to fight in the featherweight class. 

It’s crazy to see the Devel Sixty next to other cars. It looks ridiculous – like it’s the creation of a child’s apocalyptic nightmare, and yet we love it. Its ridiculousness is what makes it so impressive. There’s nothing else like it on the road – and that’s a shame. We’d love to see a worthy competitor step up and challenge the Sixty. Maybe put them both through some end-of-the-world type scenarios. It'd be a battle worth watching – maybe one we'd even pay to see. 

Source: Devel Sixteen via YouTube

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