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Complete Custom Wheel, or simply CCW, is showing off a potentially polarizing take on the Honda S2000. Specifically, this is the earlier AP1 version with a slightly more twitchy suspension and a 2.0-liter engine that can rev to 9,000 rpm.

Honda never offered the S2000 as a coupe, but this car wears a hardtop from the famous tuning house Spoon. The new roof gives the car a very different silhouette that makes the vehicle resemble a Z4 Coupe. Spoon also contributes the rear diffuser.

To complete the exterior revisions, there's a prominent front splitter and revised fascia from the firm Voltex. The widebody kit with exposed fasteners comes from Industry Garage. Most of the body gets a coat features the off-white shade Gloss Storm Gray. Dark trim, like carbon fiber mirror caps, provides a visual contrast to the rest of the light-colored sheet metal.

CCW custom made a version of its D110 wheels. They feature a three-piece, forged aluminum construction, and the design has 11 spokes. The huge, polished lips catch the eye, and the interior section has a bronze-colored finish.

There are no details about any powertrain changes, but a large diameter, titanium exhaust outlet emerges from the rear. There's clearly some suspension work, too, because the wheels kick out from the body with lots of negative camber. Here's hoping this is an adjustable air suspension because the setup in these photos looks very uncomfortable to drive on the road, and even the slightest bump could damage the new body parts.

Unfortunately, there are no interior photos, either.

Honda has no plans to revive the S2000 anytime soon. The closest that fans might get from the Japanese automaker is a rumored droptop version of the new NSX. Used S2000s are readily available on the used market, though, and good examples are pretty easy to find for less than $20,000.

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The pre-facelift Honda S2000 AP1 is considered as a unicorn in the JDM market. This highly-coveted open-top vehicle comes with a high-revving engine that is adorned with an impressive horsepower output, churning out 247 horsepower, equating to 100 horsepower per liter – making it one of the highest rated horsepower per liter engines out there.

Hence, combine the sweet sounding naturally aspirated engine, synonymous looks and a rugged driving feeling, and it really is not surprising that the pre-facelift S2000 is one of the most coveted motoring items in existence. Furthermore, unlike the second-generation, AP2 Honda S2000 engines which rev up to only 8300RPM, the engine in the AP1 (the first-generation S2000) is able to rev up to a staggering 9300RPM. In turn, the vehicle produces a freakishly good sounding exhaust sound.

This particular Gloss Storm Gray Jonda S2000 AP1 comes from Tyler Donovan, a long-time JDM aficionado. The vehicle features some impressive mods and a set of custom-made CCW D110 three-piece forged wheels, making it one of the most complete looking S2000 builds out there.


The most noticeable part of the build other than that of the Gloss Storm Gray paint finish is the Industry Garage wide body kit. While the Honda S2000 was an already aggressive looking car from the start, this widebody kit gives it an entirely more menacing appearance. Furthermore, the widebody panels are joined by a Voltex front bumper, adding that perfect note of aggression in the front. Additionally, a Spoon rear diffuser and a Spoon hardtop, finish up the body additions.

The perfect final touch for this build (as with any other) is a set of CCW D110 three-piece forged wheels.


The CCW D110 wheels feature a clean eleven-spoke design. Furthermore, the showing hardware and a deep step lip profile make them a perfect choice for a Honda S2000 build like this. These CCW D110 three-piece modular forged wheels are constructed from 6061-T6 forged aluminum and precision CNC machined for exceptional trueness and beauty. The inner and outer rims are precision spun for superior trueness and strength and assembled with racing industry standard ARP stainless hardware. Multiple finish options and combinations are available on both the center rims and hardware. The CCW D110 wheels are available in 4 & 5-Lug Bolt Patterns.

You can grab a detailed view at this 2004 Honda S2000 AP1 build in a photoshoot by Arlen Liverman right below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information regarding our wheels, the ordering process or if you have any additional questions. Our sales team will gladly provide you with all the answers you need.

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