Ad shows Rosberg and Schumacher vying for who gets to take a pregnant woman to the hospital.

Here's a new ad from Mercedes-Benz which playfully pits the legendary Michael Schumacher against his current F1 teammate Nico Rosberg.

The ad shows a young couple, with the woman in labor and about to have a baby, stuck on the side of the road in a broken down car when Rosberg and Schumacher happen to come by and offer their help.

The couple begin to argue over which driver could get them to the hospital quicker.

This is the first ad in a series that goes with this theme. In the next installment, Schumacher and Rosberg will be dining in a restaurant when...well, something else happens.

We'll have to wait on that one. But we hope Mercedes-Benz invest a little more in props the next time. That obvious pillow under the woman's dress is kinda sit-com-y, isn't it?