It looks like the engine is about to rip from the car.

Hennessey loves the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. It’s an out-of-the-box drag car built for the road making 840 horsepower from its supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine. That’s an excellent basis to add more power, which Hennessey does with delight. At times, the company seems almost too eager for such fun. The aftermarket tuning company offers two packages for the Demon – the HPE1000 and HPE1200. The dyno video shows the HPE1200 Demon stretching its legs – and it packs a serious punch at the wheels. 

The dyno shows the Demon with the HPE1200 package delivering 1,013 horsepower and 954 pound-feet of torque to the rear tires. That’s a drivetrain loss of just 16 percent. Details on what Hennessey does to increase power isn’t on the company’s website like it lists for other packages. However, it’s likely a substantial amount of work that includes a new supercharger, high-flow exhaust and catalytic converters, throttle body upgrade, high-flow fuel injectors, a tune from Hennessey, and much, much more. 

The Hennessey Demon HPE1000 – the entry-level package for the drag car – clocks a quarter-mile run in just 9.14 seconds, so the HPE1200 should be quicker. That HPE1000 Demon only outs 880 hp and 806 lb-ft of torque to the ground through the wheels, which feels wimpy compared to the HPE1200. 

Watching the video, you can see the Demon strain against its tie-downs as it accelerates on the dyno. You can also see the engine tilt and buck when it's under full throttle. It looks like all that torque wants to rip the engine right out of the car. It sounds menacing, too. 

Hennessey produces some amazing performance packages for already stellar performance cars. The 16-percent drivetrain loss shows just how dedicated the team is at maximizing drivetrain efficiency when trying to deliver all that horsepower to the tires. This is the package you want if you want to beat other Demons at the track.

Source: Hennessey Performance via YouTube

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