Chevrolet C5 Corvette gets ripped up while a hapless tow truck driver tries to tow it away after a crash.

This C5 Corvette is having a bad day.

First its owner crashes into the median of a south side Chicago highway, requiring a tow. Then an Illinois Department of Transportation tow truck shows up and completes the job of wrecking the hapless automobile.

The tow truck driver apparently had no idea how to properly tow the Corvette. He probably couldn't tow a hot-dog cart. First he lifts the rear end and lets its crash to the ground while ripping off the back bumper. Then he drives off with the car in tow while the front end scraps the pavement and emits more sparks than a blow torch.

Maybe Illinois can use their income tax hike to provide more training to their tow truck drivers.

But it's America and now someone is going to get sued.