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It's bad enough to crash once at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, but the driver of this BMW X4 manages to do it twice. The accident could have been a lot worse, though. 

This incident appears to happen at the Kleines Karussell section of the track that's near the final straight where cars enter and exit the course during Touristenfahrten periods. The X4 driver actually deserves a little credit for doing the right thing by pulling over to the side of the track to let another, quicker BMW take the faster line through the banked section of road. However, the X4 pilot doesn't slow down enough and runs wide near the corner exit. On some circuits, this might just cause a brief off-road jaunt, but there's very little run-off room on the Nordschleife, so the SUV slides along the track barrier.

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After the impact, the X4 ricochets toward the other side of the track and hits the barrier over there. The driver is then able to get the SUV under control and steers it toward the side of the road.

The Peugeot hatchback driver also deserves a pat on the back for avoiding the crash. If this person wasn't paying attention and had hit the X4 when it came back across the track, the accident could have collected several other cars coming down the road.

The accident is bad enough for the X4's airbags to deploy, but the damage doesn't look too severe. Creases and dents to the fenders and doors are the most obvious problems. Given the hard initial hit, a mechanic should probably take a good look at the steering, suspension, and brake components at the front end, too. If the insurance doesn't honor the claim, this might be a very expensive error.

Source: Auto Addiction via YouTube

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