Swedish automaker forced to halt production this week as it is unable to pay its suppliers.

Saab is in financial trouble and its suppliers are getting nervous about the Swedish automaker's ability to pay for parts.

According to a Reuters report, production this week has been suspended now for a third day as Saab is unable to pay supplier invoices.

Saab owner Spyker, based in the Netherlands, is holding talks with suppliers on the failure to make payments. The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter recently ran a headline on the situation which read: "Desperate hunt for money".

Saab apparently owes tens of millions of crowns (the Swedish currency) to its suppliers, according to a group that represents the industry.

Spyker CEO Victor Muller and Saab chief Jan-Ake Jonsson have refused to comment on the story but a Saab spokesperson admitted the company was experiencing financial trouble.

"A lot of work is going into strengthening the financial position of the company," said Gunilla Gustavs.

Gustavs says Saab hopes to resume production next week.