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It's weird to admit, but the Porsche 911 Project Gold is a vehicle that's hard to fall in love with. A brand new air-cooled, twin-turbocharged 993-generation should have us salivating, but the machine comes with compromises like that the Porsche Classic division is only building one of them. Plus, due to the construction, the car is not even street legal – at least in most places.

Rather than restoring an existing 911 Turbo S, the Project Gold is technically a brand new car with an 18-month construction from leftover parts. The VIN makes it a 2018 vehicle, which means the machine has to comply with modern regulations to be road legal. Philipp Salm, Porsche classic sales and marketing boss, told Jalopnik that the Project Gold wouldn't comply with current European sound rules, and emissions limits would probably be an issue, too.

Some parts of the world aren't quite so strict, and it might be possible to register the Project Gold there. The Show or Display rule in the United States might provide a loophole for wealthy American buyers. The provision allows for otherwise illegal vehicles to come into the country if they demonstrate "historical or technological significance." The rule limits owners from driving the machine more than 2,500 miles each year.

The Project Gold wears the Golden Yellow Metallic paint from the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. The shade also shows up on the pinstripes around the wheels and the interior stitching.

The chance to own the Project Gold will come at RM Sotheby’s Porsche 70th Anniversary Sale on October 27. In general, these cars sell for $220,000 to $400,000. As a unique, new vehicle, this vehicle is something special, though, which might push the price even higher. However, not being road legal might push some bidders away.

Source: Jalopnik

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