Land Rover is preparing a hybrid onslaught as a new report is indicating the company is working on a barrage of fuel-sipping SUVs.

Speaking with Inside Line, Land Rover's Global Brand Director, John Edwards, revealed the company will follow a top-down hybrid strategy that focuses on larger models "where the greatest consumption gains are to be made."

Under this plan, the redesigned Range Rover is set to be offered with a hybrid powertrain in 2013. A year later, the company will reportedly introduce a plug-in electric hybrid which will likely feature a lithium-ion battery and a small engine that acts exclusively as a generator. Sadly, if the report is correct, the hybrid powertrains will use petrol engines instead of the more efficient diesel setup that was teased in the Range_e concept.

While the specifics haven't been finalized, Edwards added there are "currently no plans" for an Evoque hybrid.

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