Germany shows women hanging out the side windows and sunroof of a couple of Nissan Skylines making eights and donuts.

Here's another video from the 'don't try this at home' department.

A couple of Nissan Skylines (precursor to the current GT-R) doing the drifting nasty with some pretty women hanging on for dear life from the windows and sunroof.

We hope those gals are properly trained stunt women.

This doesn't look like an official event yet the poster of the video has called it the 2011 Drift Kreis Kurve Lady GTR 34 Cool - whatever that means. But the drifting and curvy lady part we understand.

Who knew that Japanese sports coupes were so popular in Germany that they would prefer them for this drift run-around with the spicy girls to using a home grown M3 or something.