More than 100 police officers were caught speeding in Wales for the past 2 years

On the flip side of our story from earlier today of 13,400 Motorists Caught Drunk in a Week, here's one with the police getting a taste of their own medicine.

Speed cameras don’t forgive anyone and that includes the cops despite what most may think.  Proving police break the rules of the road no less than most typical drivers, daily tabloid newspaper, Western Mail, reports over 100 police officers have been caught speeding in the past two years in Wales.

In North Wales, 10 off-duty officers were issued with fixed-penalty notices after being caught driving above the speed limit, and 13 of their colleagues from the Dyfed-Powys force received their notices for speed braking while on duty. 10 officers from Gwent Police have been prosecuted for speeding offences committed off duty, and two cases are also being investigated.

Furthermore, South Wales Police reports 14 officers that were issued with court summonses and more than 80 speeding offences are still being investigated by the force. Although, South Wales Police didn’t clarify whether the offences were committed on or off duty, a spokeswoman for the force said that in the vast majority of cases, officers were found to have a “legitimate” reason for exceeding the speed limit. 48 other officers were caught speeding in 2006 in North Wales, Dyfed-Powys, and Gwent.

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