Leisure activity vehicle

Last Sunday hopes were high for a new Citroen C4 Crossover, or C5 Cabriolet, or even a new C8 MPV. Instead we get to kick the new year off with the Citroen Berlingo, a Leisure Activity Vehicle which can double as an LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle).

The new Berlingo will go on sale in the second half of 2008, right next to the current Berlingo which will be rebranded as the entry-level Berlingo First. Power in the new Berlingo comes from, amongst others, a 110 hp Hdi Diesel engine with diesel particulate filter.

The passenger version combines saloon-like comfort with MPV practicality, just like the Renault Kangoo, its biggest competitor. The new Berlingo has a longer wheelbase and uses the C4 Picasso running gear, which answers a reader's question, the Berlingo is one size bigger (4.38 m length) than the new Nemo van (3.86 m length) and a size smaller than the Jumpy.

The Berlingo LCV has a cargo area of 3.3 m3 (up to 850 kg and can house two Europallers width-size). Optional is the Extenso modular cabin which allows for loads up to 3 meters long and increases load capacity to 3.7 m3 or seats for three people in the front.

Gallery: New Citroen Berlingo Unveiled

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