Diamond-encrusted Enzo Diamante edition will sell for $275,000/€193,322. Other editions cost much less in comparison but are still in the thousands of dollars.

Publishing house Kraken Opus has launched the Official Ferrari Opus book which will be sold in numerous editions, the most expensive of which will retail for $275,000/€193,322.

That Enzo Diamante edition comes with the Prancing Horse logo gussied up with 30 diamonds - hence the superlative price tag.

There are, of course, less expensive editions, such as the more pedestrian Enzo Edition that goes for a mere $37,500/€26,362.

The Official Ferrari Opus is 852 pages long and contains 200,000 words and over 2,000 photos on every Ferrari road and race car ever built. Printed on heavy paper, it weighs 82 pounds (37 kg) and measures almost 20 square inches (60 cm2).

Check out iTunes if you're looking for more affordable access to the book. There are free iPhone and iPad applications which provide excerpts from the Ferrari Opus.