Mercedes-Benz beats Lexus for three straight months now with BMW coming in second for the quarter. Lexus may lose its crown this year due to production disruptions related to the Tsunami that struck Japan in March.

Mercedes-Benz is the top premium brand in terms of sales in the United States market for 3 months running now.

The German marque posted sales of 21,484 for the month of March - a 9.4 percent rise over the same period last year.

Not far behind were the Lexus and BMW brands, with 20,682 units and 20,295 units, respectively.

Lexus historically has been the leader in premium brand sales in the United States, holding the top yearly title for the past decade including last year (2010). But right now, Mercedes-Benz is leading the race, having won the first quarter of 2011 with a total of 53,346 vehicles sold. For the same period, BMW sold 52,617 and Lexus 47,356.

Lexus is also worried that due to the Tsunami that struck Japan last month, which has disrupted Lexus production in that country, it may not be able to regain its crown this year.

"That may not happen as a result of production issues in Japan," said Mark Templin, head of U.S. Sales for Lexus.

The disruption has already begun to affect dealer inventories.